Manager, Land & Environmental Permitting – Southern Star Central Gas Pipeline – Owensboro, KY 42303

Manager, Land & Environmental Permitting
Southern Star Central Gas PipelineOwensboro, KY 42303

Southern Star Central Gas Pipeline is an interstate natural gas transportation company, headquartered in Owensboro, KY. Southern Star operates a 6,000-mile pipeline system transporting natural gas from Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, Wyoming and Colorado to markets in the Mid-continent.

Southern Star provides a fun, friendly, and modern working environment as well as competitive salaries and excellent benefits. We are seeking an experienced professional with skills and qualifications in the following area:

Job # 17-0046 – Manager, Land & Environmental Permitting – Owensboro, KY

Position Information:

This position reports to Director, Project Delivery and is responsible for the direction and oversight of Company’s Land Acquisitions and Environmental Permitting. This job will be responsible for overall leadership, implementation of strategies, and management oversight in these areas, including compliance guidance and work direction in the land and environmental areas. A significant level of independent thought and action, based on extensive experience and sound judgment, is used to fulfill the position’s requirements.

The Manager of Land and Environmental Permitting will analyze, propose, oversee the development and implementation of, update and maintain, educate regarding, and report on the effectiveness of strategies, processes, procedures, goals, and policies necessary to provide the support systems required for the Company’s Land and Environmental needs to enable the Company to achieve its Vision, Mission, Strategy and goals. Provide leadership in the land and environmental areas including, but not limited to, effective land and rights of way acquisition and on-going relations with existing and prospective landowners, as well as ensuring support is provided to maintain a compliant environmental management program. Provide oversight of operation, maintenance, inspection and testing criteria. Review changes to policies and procedures for consistency with industry standards and their compliance with government regulations. Oversee training programs to enhance skills and technical competence of field personnel. Represent land and environmental interests externally to regulatory agencies, internally to other managers and upper management as well as perform other duties required and/or assigned.

The incumbent is expected to oversee the system-wide land and environmental permitting activities, set the standard for leadership within the organization, including but not limited to ensuring 100% compliance; modeling the level of commitment and dedication expected through an unsurpassed work ethic; exhibiting unquestioned integrity; ensuring effective employee development through teaching, mentoring, coaching, correcting, recognizing, rewarding, and disciplining; championing change; advocating managed risks; supporting creativity and innovation; communicating effectively; providing employees the support and resources necessary for the successful attainment of the Company’s Vision, Mission, strategies, and goals; aligning all actions (personal and departmental) with the Company’s Vision, Mission, strategies, and goals; being personally accountable and holding employees accountable; valuing teams and being an engaged, productive team member; identifying needs and responding to them by taking proactive, rather than reactive, measures; acting in a manner that inspires trust and trusting others in return; and, be committed to life-long learning.

Primary Responsibilities:

Primary responsibilities include (but not limited to):

Leadership Specific

  • Be personally accountable for performance of employees in reporting area and achievement of area’s goals and strategies and teach employees in area to be likewise personally accountable.
  • Demonstrate organization’s leadership skills and traits as outlined below
  • Serve as role model for Company’s Guiding Principles and actively and vocally exhibits behaviors which champion its Vision and Mission.
  • Ensure alignment of department goals and activities with corporate Vision, Mission, goals, and strategies.
  • Engage in regular, consistent performance management, including coaching, teaching, appraising, and mentoring.
  • Execute staff growth plans

Position Specific

  • Plan and direct programs, policies, practices to ensure organization’s land and environmental permitting activities are in compliance with regulatory requirements
  • Develop employees within the land and environmental department and teach the employees about relevant organizational compliance, and related concepts, policies, and procedures
  • Effectively manage remotely-based team
  • Ensure all environmental permitting and land management policies and procedures are effective, efficient, compliant, accurate, and current
  • Execute the land and environmental department’s strategies necessary to achieve department’s goals.
  • Oversee department’s budget and all reporting related to the department’s areas of compliance oversight
  • Track laws, regulations in the environmental permitting and land areas that might affect organization’s activities and implement necessary changes
  • Ensure preparation and submission of applications for environmental and land permits, approvals, variances and other authorizations
  • Ensure coordination of projects from land and environmental perspective
  • Ensure effectiveness of environmental permitting compliance program and compliance with internal land processes and procedures
  • Advise and direct employees in land and environmental permitting activities, policies and procedures
  • Maintain current working knowledge of applicable city, state, and national regulations
  • When assigned, functions as Company representative/liaison in meetings with federal and state agencies and industry organizations regarding land and environmental permitting policies
  • Develop, maintain, and update Company’s overall land and environmental permitting program, including policies, procedures, and guidelines
  • Identify operational obstacles to maintaining an effective land and environmental permitting focus and propose solutions
  • Conduct routine and/or focused internal audits in the land and environmental permitting area of policy/procedure adherence and coordinate audits generated by external sources
  • Protect Company’s interests in applicable areas regarding emerging or proposed land and environmental permitting issues
  • Provide consultative support regarding land management and environmental permitting requirements and activities to departments
  • When assigned, respond to alleged violations of rules, regulations, policies, and procedures by evaluating or recommending and overseeing investigative procedures and operates within a system for uniform handling of such violations
  • Serve as liaison with third parties regarding land and environmental issues
  • Identify potential areas of land and environmental permitting vulnerability and risk, develop/implement corrective action plans
  • Lead the Maintenance Capital process in the areas of land and environmental permitting
  • Other duties as assigned.



  • Bachelor’s degree
  • Valid driver’s license and insurability
  • Experience in a leadership position
  • Experience in applying applicable local, state and federal regulations and reporting requirements (EPA, etc .)
  • Experience applying contractual terms, negotiating with vendors and land owners
  • Experience implementing process improvements
  • Experience in analyzing data and preparing compliance reports, statements, and projections and communicating them in a manner understandable to a wide range of individuals from diverse backgrounds
  • Grammatically correct written and verbal communication skills
  • Ability to work in both a scheduled/structured and unscheduled/unstructured deadline-driven environment
  • Ability to teach area of expertise one-on-one and in small groups
  • Demonstrated Computer skills in Microsoft Office Programs
  • Working knowledge of, and ability to assess, land and environmental risks and recommend appropriate solutions


  • Prior experience in project management, land management, or environmental management processes
  • Prior experience in land
  • Prior experience in environmental

Working Location : Owensboro, KY

Website :

Deadline: August 11, 2017

How to apply:

If you have qualifications we need, want a job that uses your existing skills and encourages you to develop new ones, provides varied work challenges, and allows you to work with a great group of people, this position might be a perfect fit. Please forward your resume, which should provide evidence of how you meet each minimum requirement mentioned and any preferences listed, to : SSCGP HR Department, Job Postings, PO Box 20010, Owensboro, KY 42304. You must include the Job# identified above or your resume will not be considered.



We thank all applicants for their interest, but will only respond to those selected for interviews.

Job Type: Full-time

Required education:

  • Bachelor’s

Required experience:

  • Leadership: 1 year

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