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Cabinotch Scheduler
Columbia Forest Products 45 reviewsOwensboro, KY
The scheduler determines what Orders are to be produced at what plants, based on sales guidelines, material availability, plant workload and capabilities. They record manufacturing location decisions as necessary in supporting systems, LINKS, 2020, spreadsheets).

Batch orders for manufacturing:

  • For KCD orders, extract the necessary KCD files. Run through KCD software to generate DXF information.
    • For CAD code based manufacturing, process through CAD code system
    • For 2020 based manufacturing, import DXF’s into 2020, and run through the order import process
  • For web catalog orders:
    • For LINKS/Cabinet Vision based manufacturing, process through LINKS ORD files and Cabinet Vision programs
    • For 2020 based manufacturing, create 2020 sales order from web catalog based on LINKS order information
  • Generate Razor Gage files as needed, and place in an accessible electronic location
  • Generate Pillar XML files as needed and place in an accessible electronic location
  • Communicate Production Batch information to the manufacturing facility

Update order status to indicate the manufacturing has begun in the various systems. Communicate with local plant Superintendents and sales that enables efficient plant operations and customer satisfaction relative to shipping/delivery.

  • High School degree or equivalent is required
  • Courses in business management is preferred
  • Works Monday though Friday with some overtime
  • Reports to facility managers

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