Feed Delivery Driver – Perdue Farms, Inc. – Livermore, KY

Perdue Farms, Inc. 877 reviewsLivermore, KY

Description/Job Summary
To accurately and timely load and deliver feed according to feed order directives;
To deliver to individual customers as assigned by dispatcher;
To determine and convey needed repairs and /or PM to garage mechanics;
Responsibilities/Duties 1. To assure timely and accurate delivery of feed according to dispatcher scheduling. 2. To perform a pre-trip truck inspection according to a DOT sheet, reporting any deficiencies to proper garage mechanic. 3. To assure the correct weight of feed is loaded into the truck and the correct weight is delivered to the farm locations. 4. To climb truck 15 ft to direct loading and occasionally uses a 5# sledgehammer to remove stuck feed as necessary. 5. Once at a farm, driver accurately operated boom to cleanly direct the feed into the holding bin assuring that feed is not spilled onto bin or ground; reports spills/problems to Mill Manager or Dispatcher. 6. To assure accurate record keeping of fuel purchases, trip tickets, daily logs and time sheets, no holds and feed pick up. 7. To complete other basic assignments as scheduled by management, including collecting and testing samples of feed.
Required Skills
Exposed to both seasonal weather and climate controlled conditions;
Ability to climb truck, loading area;
Ability to use 5# sledgehammer;
Ability to operate, loading and delivery devices;
Ability to operate a standard manual truck for up to 10 hours; Exposed to significant amount of air borne dust.
Required Education Reading, writing, math skills
High School diploma or equivalent preferred

Required Qualifications Class A Commercial Driver’s License required;
Must meet requirements as outlined in Perdue Safety Handbook
At least 2 years of experience
Details Perdue family of companies is an equal opportunity, affirmative action employer committed to hiring a diverse workforce.

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