Materials Manager, GrayWolf Industrial – Owensboro, KY

Materials Manager
GrayWolf IndustrialOwensboro, KY

Milco National is looking for a Materials Manager for a BOP project at Keys Energy Center in Brandywine, MD. The duration for this role is approximately until November 2017 with the potential for it to extend.


· Manage critical material orders and supervise personnel at a management level

· Ensure personnel are properly trained in project specific procedures, systems, protocol, and responsibilities

· Facilitate functional/discipline training requirements for personnel, required to effectively execute their role on the project

· Plan and execute the material planning, purchasing, or logistics associated with commodities or engineered equipment, systems, or materials in support of project operations and/or goods in support of office operations

· Assist in the handling of complex material planning, purchasing, logistics, or field purchasing functions or plans, and executes those functions within established Material Management Plans, policies, and procedures

· Procure engineered equipment and materials in accordance with the material management plan

· Miscellaneous duties as directed


· High School Diploma or equivalent appropriate General Certificates of Secondary Education or global equivalent, however four (4) year accredited degree or global equivalent preferred

· (8) years of directly related experience in material management

· Ability to communicate fluently in English (read, write, and speak)

· Working toward applicable professional certification(s) or license(s)

· Good interpersonal and communication skills

· Good computer and software skills to include the use of word processing, e-mail, spreadsheets, and electronic presentation programs

· Good leadership and decision-making skills

· Travel is required


· Stand or walk for long periods of time

· Use arms and hands to reach for, handle or manipulate objects

· Frequently lift objects weighing up to 25 pounds, occasionally lifting items weighing up to 50 pounds.

· Climb up and down ladders, scaffolds and other objects with tools and equipment

· Stoop, kneel, crouch and crawl

· Acceptable visual acuity for near, far and color – naturally or with correction

· Eye-hand coordination

· Good physical fitness

· Good sense of balance

· Work at great heights is required


· Rain Coat or Poncho.

· Steel toed or Composite toed Work Boots.

· Safety protection required by work, job site and customer


Material Management professionals spend the majority of their time in the field, and therefore exposure to site and weather conditions occur. They may perform physically demanding work including lifting and carrying heavy objects, stooping, kneeling, crouching or crawling in awkward positions. Some work at great heights, or outdoors in all weather conditions. Some locations expose workers to harmful materials or chemicals, fumes, odors, loud noise or dangerous machinery. Some workers may be exposed to lead based paint, asbestos, or other hazardous substances during their work especially when working in confined spaces. To avoid injury, Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) such as, but not limited to; gloves, hard hats, protective chemical suits, and devices to protect their eyes, respiratory system and hearing may be required. Extra vigilance is required while overseeing activities in underground construction. They must be especially alert to safely follow procedures and must deal with a variety of hazards and exercise care while performing onsite services.


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