Maintenance Technician Intern – UniFirst – Owensboro, KY 42301

Maintenance Technician Intern
UniFirst 605 reviewsOwensboro, KY 42301
Part-time, Internship

Job Summary:
Team Partner Student Interns are enrolled in an Advanced Manufacturing Technician (AMT) program. Through AMT students attend classes two days per week at Owensboro Community & Technical College (OCTC) and work an additional 24 hours per week as a Maintenance Technician Student Intern. Focusing on servicing the facility and troubleshoot any machines not operating correctly. Team Partners are also responsible for ordering parts for machines, managing inventory, repairing machines, as well as repairing minor issues within the facility.

General facility and machine maintenance, including but not limited to preventative maintenance, trouble-shooting, and repair of automated equipment including mechanical and electrical work.

Performs new electrical/mechanical installations.

Assists in monitoring and maintaining accurate spare parts inventory.

Operate various mobile or powered industrial equipment as required.

Will be required to perform other duties as directed by management.

Must be willing and able to actively participate in plant-wide safety activities.

Should the need arise to lift, carry, or push weights significantly heavier than those lifted, the employee is expected to utilize teamwork to accomplish the task.

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