Production Technician – BTW – The Maschhoffs – Tell City, IN

Production Technician – BTW

The Maschhoffs 34 reviewsTell City, IN

The primary responsibility of the technician is to perform day to day production activities, implement standard operating procedures, and maintain accurate records of their activities. They will promote the well being of animals in their care, and serve as a steward of the environment in the production center they work in.

Job Duties & Accountabilities

Typical Duties of a Production Technician, Breed-to-Wean include:

  • Perform day to day production activities based on sound science and practice to ensure high quality production of weaned pigs.
  • Promote safe work habits, maintain a safe working environment and document all work related injuries.
  • Implement the standard operating procedures (SOP) to the best of their ability. These include but are not limited to:
    • Feeding strategies
    • Monitoring and maintaining proper temperature and ventilation rates
    • Animal movements and care
    • Use of pharmaceutical (medication) and biological products (vaccines)
    • Practices that are specific to the area of production
  • Keep and maintain accurate production records (i.e. PigCHAMP) to assist in the development of the team, yourself, and the improvement of the system. In addition, maintain accurate headcount records for the animals under your care to submit to management upon request.
  • Perform timely duties and comply with practices that promote the health of the animals under your care (commonly referred to as bio-security practices). These activities would include but are not limited to:
    • Remaining away from pigs not owned by the company
    • Changing footwear and clothing as required
    • Maintaining bird proof facilities
    • Observing SOPs for transportation of livestock, supplies and feed
    • Rodent baiting on the inside and outside of the buildings and keeping adequate rodent baiting records on a weekly and monthly basis
    • Removing dead animals according to standardized protocol
    • Reporting violations of these practices to your supervisor
  • Perform maintenance and repairs on buildings and equipment, as well as, housekeeping responsibilities of the barn facilities including trash removal, cleanliness of the office spaces, lunchrooms, and employee changing areas.
  • Implement best management practices for environmental stewardship including:
    • Proper regulation of manure storage facility (pit) levels
    • Flushing time and recharge of manure handling systems within the barns

Minimum Qualifications


High School diploma or GED


Prior agriculture experience is a plus.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

1) Knowledge of:

  • Standard Operating Procedures of the system
  • Standard maintenance procedures
  • MS Office and basic understanding of computers (preferred)

2) Skill in:

  • Effective communication skills
  • Attention to detail

3) Ability to:

  • Work independently, as well as part of a team
  • Follow verbal/written instructions
  • Maintain complete and accurate records
  • Learn new skills


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