Bourbon Tour Guide – O.Z. Tyler Distillery – Owensboro, KY

Bourbon Tour Guide
O.Z. Tyler DistilleryOwensboro, KY

Do you enjoy the TV show How It’s Made?
Like meeting new people and helping them discover something new?
Then we have a job for you!

We are looking for welcoming, energetic, passionate people who can’t wait to share our story (and the story of Bourbon Whiskey) with the general public in a fun and engaging manner.

Day in the life:
You will greet visitors to the distillery, help them purchase tour tickets, and educate them on the facility and our products. You’ll explain the history of our company, the facility, and the whiskey industry in general, then proceed to lead them through a 30 minute long, educational walking tour of our 26 acre, state-of-the-art distillery.

Along the way you’ll teach visitors about every aspect of whiskey production, from grain to bottle, and answer any questions they may have. You’ll safely guide them through a loud, active production facility and ensure everyone is comfortable and enjoying the experience. You’ll explain how our technology is changing the industry, the difference it makes on our products, then lead visitors through a tasting of those products. Finally, you’ll conclude by wishing everyone farewell and helping those who wish to purchase items in the gift shop.

After a brief resetting of the tasting room, you’ll start all over again with the next group!

The overall goal of our tours is to educate and entertain visitors. You are directly responsible for achieving that goal and must be determined to make each visitor’s experience world-class. You must get people excited about bourbon, teach them new things, and ensure they leave happy.

We currently offer 2 tours per weekday (11am and 2pm) and 3 on Saturdays (11am, 1pm, and 3pm).

No specific prior knowledge is required for this role, but the drive and ability to learn all aspects of the production process is critical. You will be required to understand and explain how (and why) every step in the manufacturing process occurs.

You must be totally comfortable with public speaking and able to speak clearly and loudly so all visitors, even those in the back of large groups, can learn from your narrative.

You will be required to be STAR certified through the Kentucky ABC Department’s online course (we will cover the costs) within 30 days of employment.

You must walk up and down stairs, over uneven ground, and through non-climate-controlled spaces quickly and efficiently. You will do this multiple times per day and must help others do so as well.

You must ensure all visitors follow the rules and are safe throughout the tour. In case of an emergency, you will be required to facilitate evacuations and obtain help for those in need.

You must enforce alcohol-related regulatory requirements (such as prevention of underage alcohol consumption, maximum tasting sizes, limited quantity of bottle sales, etc.).

You must be able to use a computer based Point of Sale system and count and manage money, as well as facilitate credit card transactions. Comfort with technology and ability to troubleshoot basic issues (such as switching apps on an iPad) is important.

You will need to restock Gift Shop shelves (may include moving boxes weighing up to 20 lbs. around), keep the stock room organized, and keep accurate count of inventory.

You may be required to work after normal business hours, at special events, or conduct off-site product tastings.

Due to state ABC regulations, you must be at least 20 years old for this position.

Being a personal fan of Bourbon Whiskey is not required, but helps.

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Please review all application instructions before applying to O.Z. Tyler Distillery.

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