Terminal Operator – Lafarge – Owensboro, KY

Terminal Operator
Lafarge 414 reviewsOwensboro, KY

The Terminal Operator safely operates all equipment at the location used to load and unload rail cars, boats and/or trucks, ensuring order accuracy and expeditious processing of requests.


  • Demonstrates a commitment to communicating, improving and adhering to safety policies in all work environments and areas.
  • Maintain grounds, offices, warehouse, yard, etc.
  • Carry out tasks related to loading/unloading material, both bulk and bagged, for rail, waterway, and road methods of transportation, as appropriate for the specific location.
  • Understand and operate truck loading equipment.
  • Operate and conduct general maintenance on mobile equipment and assist with general mechanical maintenance.
  • Sample product from trucks and barges following company policies.
  • Maintain accurate maintenance records on all terminal equipment.
  • Perform clerical functions following the established guidelines for the recording of receipts, shipments and inventory records.
  • Other duties as assigned.


Terminal Operators need the ability to communicate with Terminal Managers, customers, sales personnel, trucking firms and suppliers.


Required Education: High School diploma/GED

Required Work Experience: 1-3 years

Additional Requirements : Experience with customer service and equipment operation and maintenance.

Licenses Preferred : Valid Driver’s License

Required Computer and Software Skills : Basc knowledge about computers, Microsoft Office and SAP


America’s Job Exchange Source Codes: AJETR+00, AJETR+01, AJETR+02 ,AJETR+03, AJETR+04, AJETR+05, AJETR+06, AJETR+07, AJETR+08

State Specific Source Code: AJETR+KY

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